At Home Speech Therapy for Children and Adults in Northern NJ

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At Home Speech Therapy for Children and Adults in Northern NJ


Stuttering, commonly referred to as a "fluency disorder" or "dysfluency," is a communication disorder that affects a person's speech fluency.  It can lead to repetition of sounds, parts of words, whole words, phrases, or sentences, prolongation of sounds (e.g., ssssssssnake), blocks (limited or no sound when the mouth is positioned to speak; seems as if the word is "stuck"), and/or interjections (e.g., um, uh).  Children under the age of 6 can experience "developmental disfluencies" meaning that they are stuttering but it is appropriate at that point in their development.  A child with developmental disfluency does not demonstrate struggle or frustration when speaking and uses repetitions (less than 10% of the time); no other stuttering characteristics are present in this type of disfluency.  Risk factors for long-term stuttering is sex (males are more likely than females), family history, and type and severity of stuttering characteristics. 

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