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At Home Speech Therapy for Children and Adults in Northern NJ


Apraxia is a motor speech disorder that makes it difficult for a person to coordinate the movements of the mouth for speech.  With apraxia, the person knows what s/he wants to say, but cannot get his/her mouth to move appropriately to formulate different sounds, words or sentences.  Characteristics of apraxia include: struggle when attempting to move the mouth to make different sounds (groping), inconsistent error patterns, poor speech intelligibility, unusual prosody, and difficulty making vowel sounds.  Apraxia can affect both children and adults.  

In children, it is referred to as Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS).  You may also hear this disorder referred to as Developmental Apraxia of Speech, Developmental Verbal Apraxia, or Apraxia.   CAS is caused by a brain injury or genetic disorders or syndromes.  Diagnosis in children can be very tricky, which, unfortunately, can lead to misdiagnoses.  Ideally, a child should be talking to make an accurate diagnosis.  It is often suggested that diagnosis not be made until a child is 3 years old and s/he has a solid vocabulary. 

In adults, it is referred to as Apraxia of Speech in Adults.  You may also hear this disorder referred to as Acquired Apraxia of Speech, Verbal Apraxia, or Dyspraxia.  Apraxia in adults is caused by brain damage.

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